Push Pause

I’m sitting here a bit thunder struck.

Watching it rain.

Thoughts wandering.

The irony of being safe and dry while it storms all around me. The irony of people dashing here and there preparing for a long weekend of parades and fun…pay little to no heed to the headlines. Not treasuring this thing called freedom. Not even thinking of the cost or considering the cost.

Rain it falls all around.

Countless drops, tears from heaven…and my mind is is this hazy place between my reality and an unreality of a world I’ve never experienced.

A world of noise and smells and things I will never know.

Fear that you can taste.

Sand that films everything and everybody it comes in contact with.





For people that think freedom is a right, it’s every bit as much of a privilege as a right. It a been paid for with centuries of grief, millions of pints of blood and rivers of tears.

The American dream.

What is that thing exactly. A bigger house? A nicer car? One upping your neighbors? What about the dream that all men should be free.

What about the freedom of countries that aren’t are own or people that don’t share our beliefs? As Americans who typically don’t spend much time contemplating the price of freedom, what should we care? What does it matter?

Why should we we make the effort of following current events? Why should we care about other countries genocides? Why should we even blink as the news reports the beheading of a reporter or the fact Christians are being persecuted?

Here’s the deal, you may not care but SOMEONE does. Someone who’s willing to push the pause button on their own life. Someone who’s willing to put their personal priorities, goals and dreams on hold to be at Uncle Sam’s every beck and call.

You may not have any strong convictions, concerns or opinions about anything that happening in Middle East…but someone does. Someone who has a son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother, someone who has a friend or someone they love…any one who has someone in the military they care about.

So as you go about your “extra day off” someone, somewhere is doing something you’re not. They’re paying with all they got for you to continue to enjoy freedoms we’ve always enjoyed.

As you go about your day, take a few minutes especially remember our men and women in the military. Make time in your day to pray for them (and their children, spouses and family).

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