Crash and Burn

I think part of what absolutely amazes me about being on the 14th floor and having and endless view is the fact for two years I watched them build this building and never expected or wanted to work on it. Continue reading

Change is in the Air

Yesterday was the first day of October, it was 91 here in Dallas, that doesn’t mean though that there’s not signs of Autumn. Change is in the air. It’s in the sun setting earlier, it’s in the moon taking its Continue reading

What if, the what ifs, never what if?

It seems like every time there is a major life change (good or bad) our mind starts spitting out “what it’s” faster than popcorn. What if…. I fail I get hurt It doesn’t work It cost too much I look Continue reading

What Does it Mean

For the past few days I’ve had this thought in my head: What does it mean to put God number one in my life? Up until I don’t know…maybe a month ago I thought I knew. I thought I had Continue reading

Got Stuff? Get Out

A couple of weeks ago, the Friday before Labor Day, my boss asked me to clean out the Fridge at work. I was like ok. Everybody I work with was given numerous verbal and email notifications that it was gonna Continue reading

I’m not worried. You worried?

Worry is a hamster on a wheel that works really hard at going no where. Worry is letting the the fear-full thoughts of what could happen, what did happen, what will happen, what may happen intimidate, control us, terrorize us. Continue reading

Push Pause

I’m sitting here a bit thunder struck. Watching it rain. Thoughts wandering. The irony of being safe and dry while it storms all around me. The irony of people dashing here and there preparing for a long weekend of parades Continue reading