Let me share with you some “excitement” we’ve had going on around our house. I mean life has is stressful enough and truly we didn’t really need anything more to contribute to all this craziness of life. But, like it or not trouble comes knocking on the door when you least expect it or want it.

About 3 weeks ago my dad’s boss called him & said, “Ray, did you know you DOT has expired?”

Now for those of you that don’t speak acronymise that’s the annual physical the state of Texas requires you pass in order to keep your commercial drivers license in good standing. (My dad still drives a big brown truck…and has since I was 5. Do the math and you’ll see he’s very near retirement age.) Since that was a Friday the plan was to go bright & early Monday morning, get the physical & get on in to work. Only that’s not what happened.

He failed his physical.

His blood pressure was too high, nor just too high, extremely high. Monday & Tuesday were regroup days, Wednesday he had the first available doctors appointment and by 11am that Wednesday he was checking into Baylor hospital in Dallas for an angiogram.

(This set off some elaborate mathematical equations of: if 1 bottle of mom’s oxygen last 45 minutes and she has 10 bottles what time will she run out. And, if she runs out at 5 pm but it take a me an hour to get from work to home & another hour from home to Baylor at what time do I need to leave work to get mom more oxygen to the hospital before she runs out? And, oh are they keeping him overnight? And, how much additional oxygen should I allow for that?)

They sent him to the angiogram preparing us for the fact they thought they’d be putting in 5 stints.

They did the angiogram. All clear. No stints. Now what?

…and here’s where I start to get angry. In fact here’s one of the numerous reasons I walked away from all aspects of the medicine 4 years ago. They decided to change the dose of his medicine. Would it work? No one knew. But, instead of finding the root cause, was it:
Diabetes-which he has
Low magnesium
Sleep apnea-yup, he also has that
…or something else.

Instead of looking for the root cause they threw meds at it. Yup, the easy way out. Yup, the easy solution. But, also a solution with consequences. Every medication has a side effect, I’m not talking vitamins, minerals or non essential amino acids…I said medicine- prescription or over-the-counter. Every medication has a side effect if you’ve been told otherwise or you believe otherwise I challenge you to do the research yourself. Look at a PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference), there are versions online & mobile apps. Side effects on side effects.

After researching the symptoms of low magnesium my dad hit everyone of them. I convinced him to try a magnesium supplement & do nightly Epsom Salts baths (Epsom Salt is magnesium it absorbs topically during you nice relaxing soak & it’s “side effect” is a better night of sleep.)

I also explained to him medicine are designed to give you instant gratification and quick results, vitamins take a bit longer for the results or effect to show, but its also has a longer effect time in the body.

After 3 weeks, his blood pressure still isn’t consistently down, it’s up then down. He just started magnesium Saturday, his reading this morning were better. Do we for sure know it’s magnesium? No. But I’m certainly more comfortable with a more conservative & more time tested approach then more medications.

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