Life Happens

Sometimes life happens…you know right? You work more hours than you’re scheduled…your tired and don’t feel well – but just think it’s because you are working so many hours…then you find out it was a something a little more inconvenient – an ear infection.

How’s this one? You take the time to go to storage – and realize your keys are at home. You leave an it starts to rain and you’ve worn your favorite shoes….

Yup, life happens…even to the best of us – those of us who would like to have every minute lined up like perfect soldiers in formation giving cadence to our day.

What happens though when life doesn’t go as planned? Milk gets spilled. Do we simply cry over the mess or do we clean it up and go on? Sometimes we need to take lessons for the children in our lives – they fall down and then hop right back up. Sometimes as adults we fall down – instead of using our “get over it” superpowers we get stuck wallowing in the mud pit the tears of our pity party made. Yes life hurts us sometimes, and I’m not suggesting that tears aren’t at times justifiable – but what I’m more concerned about is the getting back up part.

You know – when you have a goal or a deadline or a dream your pursuing and it seems like everytime you start working toward that goal and dream something hops up and gets in your way…something you’d never have dreamed to anticipate – sometimes it’s even a positive thing…but it’s still a distraction a time thief, an opportunity to lose focus and to find one’s self having a (pity) party of one.

It seems sometimes that the more I want something the more things get in the way…yeah call me old school…but sometimes I feel like life is Donkey Kong and I’m Mario…I get tired of jumping barrels…everyday seems like the same maze and instead of getting the prize I’m the one getting ran over by the barrels (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about – you’ve never played a good game of Donkey Kong).

So how does one go on – how does one continue? How does one overcome odds that feel insurmountable? Well it starts with getting back up. You may not know all the answers. You may not have the solution. You may not have a very good plan.

Do it anyway.

Get up.

Go with what you got.

Correct the plan as you go along.

Whatever you do don’t stop moving – get back up – get yourself aimed back to the goal.

Decide what’s the most important thing to you-clarify and simplify your goals. Common’ sister you got this. You know you can do it – it’s just taking the next step….we can each do that we can each take the next step.




There will be the temptation to get discouraged and/or distracted – stay focused. Stay on task. Keep heading toward the goal. The turtle won not because he was faster than then the hare – he won because he was consistent.

Be consistent.

When you fall down and get off target – get back up – as fast as you can – don’t give yourself time to get bogged down in self pity.

A most importantly know that other people have been where you are – they survived and you will too.

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