I Want Some of THAT

I feel like I have pursued health my whole life – most of the time health felt like it should be skinny and tall. I remember going on my first liquid diet of Slim Fast Shakes at age 13 – back then you had to hand-make them with powder and milk…no fancy blender bottles either and the stuff would clump.

I’m 5’ flat and I like my height. No one has ever made me feel guilty for being short – so why did I feel so ashamed and guilty of being fat? Why was it that I was always trying to achieve the looks the tall waif-ish girls had – but no one ever helped me to understand that you can’t be waif-ish with 38DDD – not happening. I come from a family of obese women – who subsisted on the latest diet fads – as a kid I watched them run through them all…Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, “liquid” Diets, whatever someone was selling that promised “skinny”. I didn’t necessarily want “skinny” I wanted healthy – and somehow in my mind that became one and the same. To be healthy – I had to be skinny – in my mind those two words are synonyms.

So when Susan Powers said go Low – Low Fat…I did.

When Dr. Atkins said go High – High Protein…yup tried that.

South Beach.

Lean Cuisine.

Name a diet – I’ve probably tried it.

Well I’m an Apple most of the time and sometimes I’m a rectangle – but no one taught me how to dress my shape. Whatever I know – I’ve picked up on my own. But, dressing right is only half of it. Dressing right is not a giant cover up stick to camouflage all your flaw. You know something else? Embedded into the work DIEt is DIE.

Discipline and dieting not the same thing.

Permanent lifestyle changes and dieting – not the same thing.

Studies show that people that diet will at some point stop – and then they gain – they usually gain back more than they have lost – screwed up their metabolism and are left feeling frustrated.

People who adapt and make lifestyle changes – don’t DIEt – they live. They live within a discipline they have chosen for themself and practice daily an act of self-discipline. Lifestyle changes have a sustainability that DIEts lack – its about long term solutions and not quick fixes.

I want some of THAT!?!?! I want some more “better” health. (Yes, my ideas of what healthy is and looks like has changed and evolved. Yes to some degree its impacted by the culture around me – but my biggest self question is: Is this _________ I’m doing sustainable? Will I want to do it in a year? Two years? Do I want my kids learning this from me?

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