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Do you remember the movie Legally Blonde, with Reese Witherspoon as Elle? Yeah-I know that was a long time ago and I’m telling my age, but I loved this movie. Or, maybe I loved the idea that a beautiful girl could have brains and fight for what she believes in. Well, Elle wasn’t your typical sorority sister and @HollyRFisher isn’t your average Army Wife and mom of three…nor is she your average American.

The soundtrack of Legally Blonde features a song by the Superchicks titled ONE GIRL REVOLUTION. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the song here is some of the lyrics:

I’ll be everything that I want to be
I am confidence in insecurity
I am a voice yet waiting to be heard
I’ll shoot the shot, bang, that you hear round the world

And I’m a one girl revolution [x3]

Some people see the revolution but most only see the girl
I can lose my hard earned freedom if my fear defines my world
I declare my independence from the critics and their stones
I can find my revolution I can learn to stand alone…

I’d just written post last week and made reference to these lyrics so they were fresh in my mind the first time I saw this photo of Holly Fisher, who at the time had the Twitter handle of @HollyHobbyLobby. Let me explain how Holly and I first met.

It was July 4th, I’m at a church picnic somewhat aimlessly scrolling around on Facebook idly half listening to the ebb and flow of conversation around me. Nothing particular was of interest or peaking my ears…so I was checking up on the rest of the world.

Swip, swipe and about that fast this photo of Holly leaped off the page to the accompaniment of One Girl Revolution.
No it wasn’t that I thought she was part of the Taliban, but she is a Revolutionary.

I’ve been stalking researching Holly all week. In fact, I liked her Facebook fan page when she had 29 likes (when I went back a few hours later to PM a request to interview her she already had around 1200 likes).
I’ve faithfully read her feeds on Facebook & Twitter, but one thing I haven’t done is watch or listen to her interviews (I plan on going back and doing that now). I interviewed Holly on Sunday via Facebook PM, and with family & work obligations I knew I wouldn’t immediately get to write about it. I wanted my impression and opinions to be my own and not an idea I’d picked up from listening to her other interviews.

So there I was, at a church 4th of July picnic…interrupting and stopping other people’s chatter to say: HEY LOOK AT THIS ISNT SHE AUDACIOUS? (Hey I would’ve said ballsy, but y’all know we don’t use those words at a church function).

I took a screenshot, passed my phone, texted people and deliberately friended people (I’d on purpose accidentally unfriended…we all know when Facebook updates it’s code for “time to do housekeeping and clean up your wall”) just to share her now infamous photo.


Because it was exactly what I’d have done if I would of thought of it first. Hobby Lobby winning their case was HUGE and it needed an appropriate celebration. Didn’t the Hobby Lobby win just feel good? Like their win was a David vs Goliath and for a moment the giant was subdued? It might have just been a win, but it feels like the turning of the tide against our bully-government.

I tried expressing my elation to my favorite Starbucks barista…though she listened politely she didn’t get it…and my excited chatter only yielded me a blank look. Holly’s photo says so much and expresses what volumes could not contain.


Was the Hobby Lobby win so huge?

Because it was never about birth control.

I’ve worked for a MAJOR national pharmacy since I was 16 (one of the top 3, think largest mail order pharmacy in the US, think one on every corner…due to my severance agreement I can’t disclose the name). I was toying with the idea of leaving the company, when I was laid off. I was struggling at the time with the business of medicine. At the time, Plan B was becoming easier to obtain and regardless of personal beliefs and/or convictions all pharmacists would have to put personal opinions and beliefs aside dispensing the prescription as written. …but I don’t roll like that. God, my God given Biblically based principles and convictions will always come first.

With my experience in pharmacy, particularly with….oh yeah, claim and plan exception overrides (think: vacation, incorrectly written prescription or drug not covered by plan) I knew that while Plan B was stocked by pharmacy it was almost never covered by “the plan”. IUDs, which I’ve had slip o’ the tongue more than once and called IEDs, were never covered as a prescription and only on rare occasions was it covered as a medical device.

As a matter of fact, the 5 contraceptives that Hobby Lobby took exception to were usually not covered by any company. (Name any major brand I knew the plan-think big, think little common household things like soda, appliances, communications, school districts, cleaners, drinkware…get the picture?) Hobby Lobby wasn’t an exception to the rule, it was typical.

Hobby Lobby’s case has never been about contraceptives-it’s been about how far can a bully-government push you as a person, as an individual, as a Christian before we will singularly and collectively back down, give up, give in, cave in or lay down convictions for convenience.

This isn’t the first time in history it’s been done. Leading up to WWII Hitler did the same thing. He conditioned the citizens of Germany to give up convictions for convenience. Few people stood up to his tyranny, one of the few people who stood for conviction over convenience was Corrie ten Boon. She paid dearly for it, her father and her sister both died horrible deaths in concentration camps. Ms. Boon herself served time in a death camp. If you don’t know her story read The Hiding Place.

See that’s what I saw when I saw Holly R Fisher’s picture.

I see a One Girl Revolution, I see a woman who was willing to put convictions over convenience, I see a woman who was deliberately putting herself in harm’s way for her convictions and her God. I see a woman who took this a step further, even as she receives death threats, she continues to gracefully & with great dignity bait the “other side”.
Holly Hobby Lobby is exceptional and exemplary in every way. Holly is one of the most articulate people I’ve ever heard speak, and yet she’s a woman of few words (in fact, I’ve never heard her say a word 😉 ). She is able to articulate her point by a few choice pictures (taken by her husband who is a vet…I still shocked she’s a mom of three).

There will come a day, and it will be here faster than we like, we will be called on to take a stand. We will have to choose convictions or convenience. We will each have to be a Holly Hobby Lobby-A One Girl Revolution-in our own sphere. She’s just enlarged her sphere…her photo became the “shot heard around the world”.

Most of the questions I asked Holly have been covered (I’m sure, because of Twitter & Facebook responses)…yes-it’s a real location, no-it’s not Photoshoped, yes-her family, particularly her daughter has been impacted by The Affordable Healthcare Act (a ‘lil thing I like to call Obamacare-less or Who Can Afford it Healthcare, but you didn’t ask that…).

If Hobby Lobby vs Obamacare-less was David vs. Goliath, then Holly is like a grasshopper vs. a giant-yet strangely (I’m sure it’s by God’s grace) she is not intimidated and comes back over and over stronger than before. So if you were looking for that kinda scoop it’s not here.

I did ask Holly if she’d heard of One Girl Revolution.

Her response? Yes, she had but that wasn’t her, she said:

I have heard the Legally Blonde song. lol I am just a typical, everyday American wife and mom, the only difference is I’ve decided to speak up. I don’t think I’m a one-girl revolution. I think a lot of people are waking up and standing behind me. The encouragement has far outweighed the nastiness from Obama loyalists.
I do not take stands like this and speak my mind because I think I’m going to change the minds of abortion-loving, God-hating liberals! I do it because I want like-minded Americans, especially the younger generations, to know that they’re not alone! I want these young girls to know that it’s ok to be proud of conservative values, even if it’s not popular right now! This country needs to get back to God. It breaks my heart to see the picture circulating that compares me to a now-dead terrorist who blew herself up. It doesn’t bother me that I’m getting nasty comments, it bothers me that so many Americans think that a woman who proudly stands in front of the flag that her husband fought to defend, holding the word of God that our Founders were passionate about, and practicing my Constitutional rights is comparable to the world of jihadi terrorists who have killed so many innocent people in the name of THEIR God. They say there’s no difference between us. That’s false. I’m still alive, I’ve never killed anyone, and my God died for me, rather than wanting me to kill and die for Him.

Screenshot_2014-07-09-23-08-51_1 (1)

Holly, you may not think of yourself as a #OneGirlRevolution but I do.

Whether people love you or hate you, the media storm you’ve created this week proves you can proudly wear that title.

…oh, by the way there’s nothing typical about you. If you were typical, you’d never taken either of those photos in the first place.

You can find Holly on Twitter & Facebook

~LaDonna Rae
*Views and opinions expressed in this piece are my own. Click for the complete interview transcript. h

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