Fly Me to The Moon

Every day I go to work – and every day I step in a smart elevator that defys logic and shoots me flys me to the moon the 14th floor-and every day feels a bit surreal as I step off the elevator-and into the “happiest place on earth”.

No, I don’t work for Disney World – but I tell every one that will listen…if Disney didn’t have a patent on this expression, then XYZ corp should really seriously consider it. Lucky me I have a window seat to the world. IMAG4159_1My office window overlooks a major road, two major highways, a busy interstate interchange and at 14 floors up I’m 142 feet in the air a perfect birds eye view that allows me to see and identify objects approximately 6 miles away in any direction I look. If falls substantionly shorter than a skydive height or even a hot air balloon ride-its feels more like that moment you’re getting ready to land-floating along about 10 minutes from landing just before all the crazy acceleration of landing happens. Depending on the day I am blessed to enjoy this sensation 4-12 hours a day-lucky me 🙂 – honestly I really do love it.
I truly love my current job, love what I’m doing, and love the people I work with – it is one of the few remaining truly great companies. The funny part is I didn’t want to work here. Didn’t want to put my application in here – didn’t want to have anything to do with it. In fact over an 18 month period of time more than a dozen people told me to put my application in – over and over and over again I refused, dragged my heels or down right defiantly refused. In fact at one point I asked God – let me have any job but that one – I’ll work anywhere but there. …and for a time, God did allow me to work for a different company.

I am sure as you read that you are as confused as I felt living-well I’m still living it-so don’t be so confused or shook by it I’m not its called faith and #iFRoG (I Fully Rely on God) – something I’ve spent a great many days and months learning to cultivate.

See this doesn’t start with stepping on the smart elevator and shooting flying to the moon everyday…it starts back in 2011…and it doesn’t really start there it starts back in 2007, or 2005 or maybe 1999 or even 1995 or maybe even before then. See sometimes, its difficult to pinpoint when something starts to bring you to this particular moment in time. Sometimes-many times in our lives- events are orchestrated by the divine script that God writes-and in the moment, we are in the moment- we are simply too in the moment to understand the impact that something that is seeming inconsequential becomes pivotal.

Lets got back to 2005, its easy to earmark, and it’s the best starting point.

Back in October 2005, I was just returning back to Texas, after living in Ohio for the past 10 years. Texas-my homeland, my native country-born and raised here I am through and though a Texan. Back in 2005, returning home didn’t bring feelings of exhilaration – it brought feelings of defeat. I wasn’t coming home a successful college graduation with a successful career, a husband and a baby on the way. I was coming home broke, beaten by life, lonely, childless, cynical and bitter. I’d spent 5 years in college-had no degree. Just ended a toxic relationship – honestly he wasn’t a forever kinda guy, just lost a job, just been evicted from my apartment. I was coming home because honestly – I had no where else to go or no one else to turn to. I felt that I was another victim of life-and life held all the cards, didn’t play fair and would do anything to keep me down.

In this frame of mind I started looking for a job and 4 weeks after moving back to Texas and back in with my parents (it was the first time I’d seen them for more than a week or two in 10 years and now I was living with them -horrors!?!?!?) I landed a job at ABC company. ABC company was/is a call center for a nationally well know mail order pharmacy. You can find their retail sister stores on just about every corner. I walked into a prescreening interview and whispered-God I want to retire from this company. In a sense, I was returning home in many ways-not just to my parents house, home, rules and religious ideas-but I was returning to work for the same company I’d worked for at 16-my first job ever-on the retail side of the pharmacy-on the retail side of this same exact company.

Nothing else in my life fit well or was comfortable-everything seemed to bring growing pains and produce real and figurative blisters, but this-prescription medicine-I knew. There were hundreds upon thousands of reason I probably shouldn’t have gotten the job-I sat back in amazement as God opened door after door that in my human eyes seemed impossible. I knew God was at work in my life – and realizing that He was did concern Himself with my daily messes affairs and ordinary life was a humbling experience.

There was something else I knew-though at the time it wasn’t as apparent-I was stubborn, I was strong willed and I would succeed in whatever I decided to do. Whether or not it was a good idea, whether or not my friends and family were against me or for me-I was too stubborn to know when to quite. I would take a very long and winding journey to teach me that I can’t do things in my strength-I can only operate in the full measure of possibility when #iFROG (I Fully Rely on God).

So I am sure you are wondering how Flying to the Moon every day zipping up the smart elevator to land at “the Happiest Place on Earth”-and watching cranes through my window each day starts in 2005 at ABC company. Its complicated, but eventually-you’ll understand 🙂 – and eventually you’ll understand that without ABC company I’d never be working for XYZ Corp.
Until next time.

LaDonna Rae

Please note:
ABC Company and XYZ Corp are generic names for real companies. Because of contractual obligations that I have with these companies regarding either current or past employment, I am unable to disclose or reveal the actual names of the companies.

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