Fear-Let it Go

Fear can be a great motivator.

Fear can also be very debilitating.

When we come to a pivotal point, a point where we are required to make a decision—a point we know things cannot stay the same often we feel torn we are both motivated and disabled fear.

It is at this point we often feel stuck.
Sometimes we have to be our own best friend—our own best advice giver. Often I’ve gotten myself unstuck by asking myself what I’d tell my best friend in the same situation—and then taking my own advice.

Often the best way to start suppressing fear is to get unstuck. Sometimes we just have to move, make a decision and move in a new direction—we will find out in time if there is a better decision or choice. As we move from our starting point we can fine tune our actions & reactions—make better choices etc but the most important thing is doing something—anything.

I used to think of confrontation as big bold and boisterous.

Now, I know that some of the most difficult confrontations are the ones that are the most personal, most silent, most quiet—the internal self-confrontations. When you decide that your life must change, that you can’t continue to live like this, that your life as it is can no longer continue to exist—and there will be fear. Don’t let that fear convince you that change isn’t possible—instead understand that fear and resistance is affirmation & confirmation that you must pursue this new healthy life.

Fear is a slick and cunning demon that constantly changes shapes and will even adapted to the changes you make. You’re old fears will be replaced by new fears. …and your head will constantly be filled with voices and chatter…most of which is overwhelmingly negative. (By the way don’t even go there with me. You know you have head chatter—this does not make you crazy, it makes you normal.)

Your head chatter might even sound like:
You’re to fat
You know diets don’t work
You know you can’t make forever changes
Exercise, you can’t be serious you know your knees, back, feet, ______ won’t let you do that
I’m not going to get to ever eat anything but lettuce leafs
What about birthday, wedding, anniversary, ________ cake
What about chocolate
Ohhh, and don’t forget cheesecake
What’s for dinner?
Forget dinner what’s for desert.
Man, I really need to lose weight-but I really can’t make this decision without one last hot gooey Krispy Kreme donut.
What do those cost now? Bet, I have some change in my purse…I’ll get them on my way home from work…I deserve a treat after a long hard day…no one needs to know
See I knew this wasn’t going to work
I’ve a failure and I haven’t even got started

In the course of a single self-confrontation with fear the chatterbox in your head has gone on red alert. You’ve gone from fear of starting—to fear you can’t or won’t start or worse yet start and won’t finish.

Sometimes the best way to confront your fear is just to release it—don’t argue with it, justify it or excuse it—simply release it. It’s kinda like holding onto a helium balloon on a string—to free it and let it soar you simply let go, you release it. Take a deep breath and do that to to fear let it go. Let the big red balloon of fear go—release it free it. KNOW that you will never deal with that fear again. Move past the fear. Move through the fear. Step beyond your greatest fears.
All the things you fear about being healthy—let them go.

Decide to be healthy.

Release you fear.

Choose health.

Choose to step into an adventure of a NuLife, a healthy life.

Embrace the new healthy, whole you.

You are a champion—you will not let your fear win.

~LaDonna Rae

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