1. a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.
2. extreme agitation of the mind or emotions.
3. something that makes it difficult to think or pay attention
4. an interruption; an obstacle to concentration
5. mental turmoil or madness

So this has been a pressing thought on my mind for days—I sit down to try to get on paper my mixed up thoughts and what I’m trying to articulate to you.

The puppies decide they need attention and want to play. One takes a playful nip at my nose as she walks across my laptop and deletes everything I have written. I realize its 8:00 pm and remember I don’t have work clothes for tomorrow. I got to start laundry & decide that I should change into PJ’s so I can also wash what I have on. Finally get clothes changes, laundry gather and washer started. Back to the couch. …but wait, my lunch box needs cleaned out and it should be washed too. Back to the garage to throw it in washer with the other laundry. The fur babies want outside, then inside. I glace at the clock its 9:30 pm. Where did the last 90 minutes go?

See what I mean distractions.

Whenever we make a decision, to do anything—but especially when it involves changing and improving our lives—we will have distractions. When you decided once and for all this is it—you’re gonna eat healthy just know that will start a 90 day celebration. Every brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, coworker, frien-emy, and their dog, cat and hamster will decide to have a birthday, wedding, anniversary, reunion, graduation or get-together for just no reason at all.

…and you and I both know what this means—3F’s (food fellowship, fun)

All kinds of food. Favorite foods, new favorite foods you haven’t yet discovered and of course the main attraction the dessert buffet or better yet cake…wedding cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake, cheesecake…did I mention cheesecake? —any reason at all cake…cake, cake, cake…pies, muffins, cookies and brownies too.

You can look at these distractions a couple of ways.

1. They can be obstacles that you allow to trip you up…over and over and over again.

2. The can be obstacles you soldier and fight your way through…you survive with the new healthy habits intact—while mentally beating yourself up, feel deprived, feel disappointed, feel left out, feel angry you didn’t get a bite of the latest great desert craze

…there is a third option. This is an option few people will choose. In fact, only the strongest people will be able to make this decision. People like you. You are my kind of people and I know that you are strong enough to make this decision—the ultimate decision—the best decision of all.

You look at that cake, brownie, pie or muffin (it might even be something reasonably healthy you know you shouldn’t eat like bread, rolls, biscuits, potatoes, pasta salad…corn on the cob) and you declare war.

That’s right YOU DECLARE WAR.

You understand that whatever it is that you are craving and wanting in that moment is nothing more than a bully. A bully that is distracting you—a bully that will make you feel good for 5 minutes—so you can regret it for 5 days.

When you make the choice, the decision to start eating and being healthy realize this—IT IS YOUR CHOICE. YOU ARE FREE TO CHANGE YOU MIND AT ANY TIME. Also know that every time you stand up to the bully, the thing that is distracting you from the one thing you want most—HEALTH—you get strong.

You only build strength when there is a fight against resistance. Distractions are a form of resistance—I know that you are strong enough to resist the distractions. I know you are strong enough to stay focused and stay the course.

Health is a choice—it is a decision.

Don’t fall victim to distractions. Look at that brownie, cake, crème puff, desert bully and say, “yup, your right the old me would have gobbled you right up and licked my fingers clean…but this is the new me, this is the healthy me, I am stronger than that. I am not going to distracted by a tasty tidbit my health is more important to me than what I put in my mouth this moment. I’m not being left out or deprived. I am choosing to leave some things out of my diet and I am choosing to deprive my thighs of some extra-ness. It is my choice and I choose to not be distracted. I choose a healthy NuLife.

~LaDonna Rae

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