Change is in the Air

Yesterday was the first day of October, it was 91 here in Dallas, that doesn’t mean though that there’s not signs of Autumn.

Change is in the air.

It’s in the sun setting earlier, it’s in the moon taking its time to say good day. It’s it the edge of heat being knocked off. Our leaves our still green, our grass is brown – not from Autumns change, but from the persistent drought that’s baking our land. In this moment it’s difficult to imagine that in a few months – less than 90 days – it will be Christmas. While I’ve enjoyed few white Christmas’ – and most of them were when I lived in Ohio – Thanksgiving thru Valentine’s is our “cool” time…our winter.

Yes, change is in the air.

It’s been said by many that Texas has only two temperatures – hot & hottest – and in the middle of the hottest dog days of summer it seems we will never see the end of the unbearable humid sticky days. (In Dallas we are notorious for going 100+ days in triple digits – add humidity and you feel like you’re clothes have become a personal sauna.) But change is inevitable and ….

Change is in the air.

Often in our life it can feel like a Texas summer – endless. We can wake up one day and realize we’ve been in this place – this season far too long. In fact, we’ve been here so long we are comfortable – it feels right – and even the idea of something different upset the balance of our comfort zone.

Change is in the air.

For many of us women our comfort zone is our weight. Well maybe not our weight exactly, but kinda. See, we put ourselves on molds, we tell ourselves things, in fact we tell ourselves things that are out right lies. Often we repeat, rehearse and sing a chorus to ourselves of what other people say or had said about us. For me that chorus that sings through the fiber of my being sounds like this:
* I’m fat
* My family is fat
* All the women in my family are fat – that’s how God made us, but we’re great cooks
* I’m always gonna be fat – I’ll never change
* I must be a carrier for the fat gene
* Is it genetic
* Will I pass it down to my kids
* Skinny people are happier
* Skinny people are healthier
* Skinny people/women deserve cute/handsome guys/spouses more than me
* I don’t want to have fat kids
* Skinny girls look ill
* Skinny girls should eat more – at least I’m study and not delicate
* If I asked a guy to compare me to a car I’m sure he’d say a semi – big, bold, obnoxious, fully equipped, steady, work horse, dependable … but I really wish I was like a sports car – shiny, sexy, desired, desirable, fast, fun

I’m sure you get the idea. Steven Furtick in his book – Crash the Chatterbox, was the first person I know of that’s ever owned up to this voice in our heads, this self talk, he calls the Chatterbox. (I recommend you read the book.) I’m gonna borrow his term.

Change is in the air.

Change starts with what goes on in your head. Change starts with the grey matter between your ears. Change starts with telling you Chatterbox to SHUT UP – and feeding it a new script so you can reprograms it.

Change starts with choice.

It’s Autumn.

Change is in the air.

Over the next several weeks we are gonna explore small easy to implement steps to make a real lasting and sustainable change in your life.

Change is in the air. You ready?

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