Camels & Caravans

I know that this may seem strange, but I’ve spent a great deal of my free time this week thinking about camels.

Not just camels, but caravans of camels.

Strange as I have no experience with either caravans or camels. I basically know camels spit, are good water store-ers, can be used as a mode of transportation-seriously I think I’d prefer a plane…it just seems faster somehow.

Don’t know why I’d think that…. And in the Bible camels were often used as for the bride price.

When I worked for mortgage operations last yea, that’s a story I will save for another time, I was amazed to learn the term “to have and to hold” was originally a legal term that applies to Real Estate…it’s a bit hard to define, but it carries with it the idea of entrusting to a groom’s care the bride’s / brides family land, Real estate and heirlooms to be held in a trust against future generations.

Not so much that they can’t be used, but they have to be used in such a way that gain value and be a greater value to the bride’s children & heirs.

But I digress, as that has little to do with camels.

I have always loved the account of Isaac & Rebekah-every since I was was a little girl listening to Adventure in Odessey type dramatized children’s Bible Stories.

This past week I’ve found myself reading and rereading the story of Isaac & Rebekah found in Genesis 24. Why I felt very strongly prompted, I can only contribute to God, as this wasn’t on my reading plan for the week.

I’ve read this in several version, AMP, NIV, KJV, ASV….they all say the same thing. She was asked a question: are you willing? Will you go? And all versions say that her mother asked for 10 days, Rebekah was given the rest of the day, overnight and her caravan of camels left the next morning.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not thinking this was a Dodge Caravan pimped out with the lastest and most elaborate of comforts and modern conveniences….again, I digress.

Overnight she had decide if she should hop a camel and join a caravan of men she didn’t know to journey 1456.7 km. I don’t think in km, 905 mi…a camel travels at an average rate of 2.2 mph, which if my math adds up makes Rebekahs journey to Isaac somewhere between 30-45 days to reach a man she was marrying but had never met.

The Bible doesn’t tell us who she took with her…no BFF to talk it out, nor mom to confide in…no email, snail mail, text, no skpe, no chat, no pony express. It was her and God.

God alone had to be her friend, her hope, and where all her confidence was placed. Rebekah the first mail order bride, the first gal who tried internet dating-century’s before we could fire a note half way around the world at our whim.

There’s a lot that has changed since Isaac and Rebekah….but no so very much. It’s an act of our will before heart. We have to yield our will to God and with our will make choices.

Many times God ask us to yield our will to Him, let Him call the shots and walk in trust. For us modern do-it-yourself gals that an awful big pill to swallow. But it’s kinda like taking a vitamin. You may not get instant results….but it’s the application over time.

God wants strong women. Women we are gonna have to be strong & courageous to live counter culture in a world gone crazy. But, just as we have to be strong we have to be yielded. Our life is not our own, it’s God’s. In a modern world that teaches self-centeredness our very survival is based on God-centeredness.

…and so this week God has allowed me to see Isaac & Rebekah, Camels & Caravans in a whole different way.

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