Ben & Jerry’s on a Rollercoaster

Life isn’t a flat line – there are peaks and valleys or if life was a wave it’d have peaks and troughs. The point is that its never smooth.

When had weight loss surgery (WLS) in 2007 I knew it was a journey, I mean come on…just getting to surgery was an adventure and a test of patience & perseverance. What I don’t think I was prepared for it even expected was that my weight loss journey runs a parallel course with life.

One of the things I realized about 18 months into my post-WLS journey was that I am an emotional eater. It took about 18 months before the newness, aka the honeymoon phase, to wear off. At about 18 months I had to start actually working for the weight loss. It’s also when my job kicked into a peak season & I wasn’t able to keep my weekly workout with a personal trainer commitment. There were periods of extreme high stress at my job, periods of time that I really wanted to snap at coworkers or grab a soothing chocolate treat. I went through so much gum it wasn’t even funny. I joked that the only thing that saved my co-workers from being chewed out was I found something else to chew. I even joked about contacting Willy Wonka for a beef stew flavored gum, because I got so sick of peppermint, spearmint, and what ever Extra Gums Dessert Gum of the month was.

Relearning food habits and learning to think of food as fuel vs a friend is a process. You are tearing down and uprooting years of habitual behavior, behavior that have been supported by your family, friends, environment and even media and advertising. So many times novels, even so called Christian romance, will depict the heroine of the story grabbing Ben & Jerry’s, brownies or cookies after a breakup, bump in the relationship or even a bad day. We have to retrain our minds, hearts and the most inner parts of ourselves its not the sugary sweet that brings satisfaction or even a sense of calm, it is God Himself.

Life has bumps, life has bad days, life has days you wanna grab the brownies, a blankie and a cup of hot cocoa. Instead we must learn to cling to our Heavenly Father.

I truly believe that prayer changes things, even deeply ingrained & socially acceptable food habits & food dependencies. Food isn’t our best friend, God is. Food is fuel-when we give it more importance in our lives than we give God than we have made food our god idol.

Life isn’t a flat line & neither are our emotions, but instead of numbing out with food let’s take our problems, challenges & emotions to the one who dreamed us into being- God Himself. God is big enough to handle anything life may dish out to us.

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